Hi Everyone, I'm Seth Kiehl

Inglewood Press was born out of my love of making art, especially silly and fun art with my two kids. My favorite thing is when they jump in next to me and work on their creations. I love trying new art styles with them, and recently we've tackled watercolor, charcoal and block printing.  I paint and draw things that make me happy, and I love seeing what my kids are drawing. 

Currently my daughter has her heart set on getting a beagle, so there's A LOT of beagle sketches, beagle paintings, and even beagle poems around our home. Are we getting a beagle? Let's be honest, she'll probably wear us down, but until then, we're hanging this happy art around our home. 

I'm located in Nashville, TN and would love it if our art somehow made it onto the walls of your home, your art studio, your playroom. Thanks for stopping by and supporting our family!